Telephone Support

We can provide the fastest and most flexible assistance on a one-to-one basis over the telephone.

We are available for hotline support between 9:00 am and 5:30 pm (UK time) Monday to Fridays (excluding UK national holidays).

Our telephone number is: +44 1268 492294

Email Support

We can also answer non-urgent queries via email and you can contact us at the address on the left. We usually reply within the same day.

To enable us to replicate exactly what you have on screen, it would be helpful if you would attach a screenshot of any error message or on-screen problem to your email. This will assist us in getting right to the heart of your problem.

Additional Support

Our support extends beyond the purely technical aspects of using both software products and mTAB databases.

It also encompasses an in-depth knowledge of relevant surveys and their applications for which Gamma support staff are specifically trained.


We offer a variety of training options for beginners and advanced users, including onsite and internet based sessions.

To learn more, please see our Training page.


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