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mTAB® is our core software product for the analysis of survey data, with almost unlimited flexibility in the creation of cross-tabular reports. It is an online tool designed with the needs of large or international companies in mind.

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...bringing data to life

mTABView®  is a companion to mTAB®, allowing you to efficiently create, maintain and share graphical and tabular presentations and to export them to Microsoft PowerPoint or Excel. With mTABView you produce high quality, accurate reports, but you also save time and money at every step of the way.

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Custom Reporting

...adding the WOW factor

Our aim is to remove the burden of heavy duty or repetitive reporting tasks from you enabling you to concentrate on what you do best, that is looking for the competitive advantage for your business. For this reason, we offer a custom reporting service and have a dedicated team that creates and maintains very large, complex report sets for many of our clients.

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...gaining deeper insights

We recognize that there is often a need for the analysis of marketing research data to go beyond the basic reporting of survey results. To this end Gamma undertakes advanced statistical analysis of research data to establish various forms of segmentation, to investigate market structures and to analyse trends.

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