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Snippets of news about our mTAB solutions


We've added a host of new features to our mTAB online solution and upgraded some familiar ones.

The latest version saw major changes in the way that mTAB processes data and how the resulting data is therefore displayed in the spreadsheet, as an enhanced zero suppression functionality was introduced.

In addition, upgrades were made to the User Defined Question Editor, Significance testing, Verbatim Tag Cloud, Simplified Data Sheet and to the Global Preferences. For more information on all these topics please read on.

7 Years And Counting

This year has seen our mTABView service celebrate its 7th birthday, which is a surprise to many of us as we still think of mTABView as a new offering in the services Gamma provides for the analysis of market research data.

2013 saw six updates of our mTABView service, showing our commitment to ensuring that as many features as possible are incorporated into this blossoming service.  The latest update was made at the start of December and we saved the biggest and best update for the end of the year.  


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